Ken Manninen
In pursuit of my inner artist


Lisa Congdon, in her book Find Your Artistic Voice, recommends creating a list of artists whose work you admiire and who influence you.  She recommends writing down what it is about the artists that inspires you.  I created this list and I found it quite informative thinking about why I was struck by their work.  It helped me focus on what I am trying to create in my art.  Here's my list if you are interested: 

A.J. Casson

Jean Haines

Hazel Soan

David Lobenberg

Mary Whyte

Charles Reid

Jonas Kunickas

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Edouart Manet

Ewa Ludwiczak

Jack Vettriano

Norman Rockwell

Linda Kemp

Rose Edin

Suzanne Valadon