Ken Manninen
In pursuit of my inner artist

Ken Manninen

I am a self taught artist who was hooked on art from the first time I picked up a crayon and created images from my imagination.

Having had an aptitude for both science and art, I had to choose which would serve me best as a career and which as a hobby.  Art became my hobby.  Over the years    I restarted my artistic endeavours many times because of conflicting priorities.

I have taken various classes and workshops that while expanding my technical skills in various media, never led me to discover my true inner artist.  I retired early to Gabriola Island on British Columbia's beautiful Pacific coast and am working on uncovering my illusive inner artist.

Currently, I am focusing on watercolour and pastel media and am working on moving to a more representational style with freer abstract elements.  While I am interested in a variety of subjects, I am most inspired by images that tell a story typically involving people or animals.

My greatest reward is bringing a smile to the face of someone looking at my art.




Instruction and Workshops:

Here are some of the artist from whom I have taken classes/workshops and who have influenced my artistic journey.  Working links for all these artists can be found in the 'Links' tab.